First post

This online notebook reflects my experience in the studio. The studio building is quite a forceful structure, like a sculpture almost, with an interior of rather brutal charm. Here the term ‘studio’ refers, in addition to the physical space, to a conceptual framework for a range of ideas and practices. I am interested in making new things and equally in an engagement with things that already exist.

At the beginning of the year I was etching (returning to this medium after a long time) and making drawings. This felt like it was going somewhere until a back injury prevented me from working. Despite this setback two useful and very practical things have happened. I’ve had a drawing desk made in birch plywood. The simple design has a sloped drawing surface and is hinged at the top – like an old school desk – allowing access to tools and materials underneath. The concrete walls of the studio are not ideally suited to viewing work so I’ve erected a wall of softboard, three 8 x 4 sheets, and painted them white.

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