Darkness and light

When teaching I am sometimes amazed at how quickly a student grasps a new idea or technique. Things can be light and quick and art-making seem quite straightforward. Returning to myself the register becomes heavier, it’s another gear and it grinds. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a slow worker (uncertainty and incompetence have also taken their toll) Printmaking is a slow medium, and things seldom go as planned, at least not as I’ve planned, maybe there’s a grander plan I remain unaware of.  I like the name of the Printmaking studio – ‘The Black Church’ – the devotional and the forbidden, a place for worshiping the dark. There is a print workshop and publisher in London called ‘Hope (sufferance)’, an even better name, hope and sufferance, it’s always like that, and in that order, hope and sufferance.

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